Preparing your Business for a Pandemic

Just months after the initial outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Wuhan, the virus has spread to every corner of the world. The World Health Organization has officially labelled it a pandemic, with almost 120,000 cases across 144 countries as of March 11th.

Along with tracing, detecting, testing and treating those infected, their advice is to mobilise people to isolate and suppress the virus. A key part of this is self-isolation, requiring people to stay indoors and avoid contact with other people for two weeks.

What’s crucial here is that businesses give their workforce the facilities to self-isolate. Forcing staff to come into work will lead to a quicker spread and more people infected. At the same time, allowing your team to self-isolate doesn’t have to result in a drop in communication or productivity for your business.

Read on to explore how technology can help prepare your business for a pandemic.

Creating a virtual team

Self-isolation doesn’t have to mean isolating members of your team. With the right technology, your workforce can form a virtual team, without any compromise on productivity. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Members of a truly virtual team can share documents and data quickly and securely. They can communicate and collaborate across a variety of channels. And you can track their productivity, progress and performance in an instant.

Each of these functions requires the right technology. However, for true productivity, those various technologies need to be compatible, streamlined and secure. Crucially, they also need to be available wherever and whenever your team needs them – and across all devices.

Aura goes remote, together

This virtual team approach is reflected in our own resilient global workforce. At Aura, we promote agile, remote working. By providing the right technology for our own team, we can empower them to communicate, collaborate and succeed as one, global virtual team.

In turn, that allows us to deliver the best services for our customers. Regardless of any coronavirus self-isolation, for instance, we will still be able to provide the same responsive service to customers without interruption. But that’s not all…

As a functioning example of the remote working model, we can confirm that the benefits stretch way beyond pandemic preparation. Staff have a better work-life balance and more job satisfaction.

For us, that means a better chance to attract and retain the top talent.

We think it’s time your business did the same

Creating a virtual environment for your team can seem like an insurmountable task. Never mind the need for it to be compatible, streamlined, secure and global. That’s where Aura can help.

Working with a network of vendors, all leaders in their respective technologies, we can provide the right combination of tools to empower your team across the world. Whatever your requirements, we’ll combine and manage them in one integrated, seamless solution.

Most importantly, we do so without adding more burden to your company. As a global, multi-vendor service provider, we take care of everything for you. Offering uniform SLAs and local support across the world, we manage your requirements centrally with one point of contact and one contract – simplifying your global IT management today and tomorrow.

Want to find out more? Arrange a chat with our team to discuss your options further.


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