Bridging the Digital Gap | Is Technology Key?

Modern workforces are more diverse than ever. They’re made up of multiple generations with different ways of working, and a spectrum of digital capabilities as technology continues to advance rapidly. This poses a big challenge for employers. As the digital gap widens, what is the best way to facilitate collaboration and enhance productivity across generations in the workplace? In this
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Improving End-User Adoption l 4 Training Considerations

4 Training Considerations to Improve End-User Adoption Finding and deploying the right technology is time consuming and costly. That’s exactly why it’s important for businesses to utilise new technologies to their potential. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, especially for the staff who need to use it. In most cases, it’s down to a missing piece in the puzzle –
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Best-of-Breed I What’s Best for You?

Why Best-of-Breed Isn't Always Best for You ‘Best-of-breed’ is thrown around a lot when describing products in all sectors. In short, it refers to a product or technology that is the best of its kind. However, when it comes to something as complex as business communications, can we really describe any product as best-of-breed? In this post, we discuss why
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How Partnering Can Help ICT Providers Succeed Globally

Customers are going global, how to keep your valuable customers and still provide same service to succeed globally?


Aura Alliance and the World Cup – What’s the Link?

Forget Messi vs Ronaldo, or Iniesta versus De Bruyne – we put the world’s best service providers together to offer a world class service across the globe.