Moving to Chicago | Aura Alliance in the US

In February 2019, I made the decision to up sticks and move to Chicago. Why, I hear you ask? Aura Alliance boasts a global network of partners, covering more than 120 countries. And, as part of our ongoing transformation, our goal is to increase our presence across the world too. I am fortunate enough to be at the forefront of
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Aura Alliance Transformation | 2-years On

At our 2017 annual partner conference in Miami, we announced that Aura Alliance is shifting to an open, multi-vendor global alliance. Two years has passed. So, other than a glossy new logo, what has changed exactly? In truth, a lot. Read on to discover the changes we’ve made to transform our services for customers and partners across the world. Moving
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Aura Alliance Partners with InfoPlus

Aura Alliance Partners with InfoPlus Multi-vendor service provider Aura Alliance has bolstered its global offering through a landmark partnership with InfoPlus – the leading provider of reporting and analytics for Avaya. The agreement is the latest step in a great relationship between the brands, with Aura Alliance’s clients and partners set to benefit from invaluable communication platform efficiency gains. InfoPlus
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Mitel-Avaya Merger | Why the Two Will Go Hand in Hand

Two of telecommunications’ biggest names are on the verge of a colossal merger, according to the Wall Street Journal. Reports at the end of April suggest that Mitel are in talks with Avaya, offering between $2.2 to 2.4 billion for the rival company. In doing so, they would bring together the resources, capabilities and global reach of two powerful brands.
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Bridging the Digital Gap | Is Technology Key?

Modern workforces are more diverse than ever. They’re made up of multiple generations with different ways of working, and a spectrum of digital capabilities as technology continues to advance rapidly. This poses a big challenge for employers. As the digital gap widens, what is the best way to facilitate collaboration and enhance productivity across generations in the workplace? In this
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Improving End-User Adoption l 4 Training Considerations

4 Training Considerations to Improve End-User Adoption Finding and deploying the right technology is time consuming and costly. That’s exactly why it’s important for businesses to utilise new technologies to their potential. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case, especially for the staff who need to use it. In most cases, it’s down to a missing piece in the puzzle –
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