Business Class Audio and Video Collaboration with zero software installation.

Real-time text, voice and video

Aura Alliance Virtual Meetings implements the latest text, audio and video chat technology that allows clear voice and video communication.

Live slide deck presentations

Upload your slide deck and present it live to your meeting participants.

Documents and screen sharing

Share your screen or upload and share documents with all meeting participants.


Voice and Video Conferencing

Experience crystal clear voice and video communication in your meetings. We use the latest technology to ensure everyone in your meeting can be seen and heard.

Share Screen, Docs & Slide Show

Share your screen or just an application window. Upload and share docs and slide decks with all  participants.  Everyone can draw on the slides to highlight important points in real time.


Use the whiteboard to brainstorm with your meeting participants. You can draw freehand or use predefined shapes to bring your thoughts into a visual. PDF Download also available.

Branded Meeting Rooms

Add your logo and change the colours to give your meeting room a personalised and professional look and feel.

Engage with Real-Time Text Chat

Broaden your communication and support brainstorming in meetings with text messaging. Send and receive messages instantly with our real-time chat system.

Shared & Private Meeting Minutes

Take minutes online as you go along. You can share this task among team members for simultaneous collaboration. Create a private set of minutes for your own reference.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Unify Data: Stay within your Outlook application while using Aura Alliance Virtual Meetings.
Start Meetings Fast: Enjoy single-click access to audio and video meetings from the Outlook toolbar—no login required.
Don’t Hunt for Contacts: Select participants directly from the Outlook address book.
Improve Attendance: Check schedule availability for participants using the Outlook calendar before creating a meeting.
Sync Meetings: Move meeting calendar entries into Outlook with one click.


Use the Aura Alliance Meeting to start an interactive collaboration session today!