Skype for Business is changing the business communications landscape

Around the world, organisations are undertaking deployment of Skype features to enhance existing communications systems.

Over the recent years, companies have invest in robust communication systems. Although Avaya provides great features, we’ve found that often users prefer the desktop collaboration and performance of Microsoft Skype for Business. In order to enable companies to have the best of both worlds, without incurring in additional investment, we’ve created the AA Skype Client.

Aura Alliance Skype Client makes deployment of Skype voice and collaboration affordable. Now you can enable your existing Avaya system with Skype voice and collaboration features at a fraction of the cost incurred by other solutions.

Simple, Fast Deployment

Minimal deployment time and impact on the infrastructure.

Slash Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Reduce up to 85% of TCO, combining deployment, licencing and maintenance.

Seamless Video Integration

Enjoy video integration without installation of additional gateways.

Huge Savings on Licensing Costs

Saving more than 80% of the licencing cost by using only Standard Microsoft CAL.

The Best of Both

Continue using great Avaya Platform whilst introducing native Skype collaboration features.

Avaya Breeze

Aura Alliance Skype Client integrates via Avaya Breeze


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